feminequity (n): a female’s ownership of her life

The Feminequity Factor is my attempt to navigate the world in pursuit of achieving complete ownership of my future, and to encourage other young millennial women to do the same. It was born out of a desire to find a resource for young millennial women that I don’t think yet exists; a place where we can read about how to prepare for a career, learn about investing and finance, better our mental and physical health, explore life’s opportunities, and hear about how young women just like us are shocking the world with their ambition. I’m not aiming to highlight women at the peak of their careers, but rather share the stories of us who have just begun. Here I am on the brink of entering the “real world” with a quest to understand what owning my life means and how my journey will encourage success on a number of levels from work to wealth to wellness to wonder. I am using this site as a motivation for exploration and an outlet to share what I discover, and I invite you to join me. My posts will incorporate the feminequity factor – the element of embracing femininity, owning your life, and revolutionizing what it means to be a young, successful woman in today’s world.